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Hello and Welcome to Careable!

A bit about us

Careable is a group of experts who have combined their individual life experiences with a common vision to make a genuine difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

To ensure that we are always looking for better and smarter ways to meet our clients' needs, desires, and goals, we at Careable are committed to innovation as best practise and evidence-based service delivery.

This ensures that we are continually searching for new and improved solutions.

Every person receives the respect, compassion, and politeness they deserve from us.


Careable can assist you in finding a wonderful home! Our accomodation services put people at the centre of their own lives, with a focus on making independent decisions and completing daily household tasks.

Our Support Workers will also support you with day-to-day activities such as

  • Cleaning and washing
  • Nutrition and cooking
  • Personal care such as bathing and dressing
  • Going to appointments
  • Doing hobbies
  • Learning to hold public transport.

Respite/Short Stay (STA)

Careable is one of Melbourne's top NDIS short-term accomodation providers. We are proud to offer a wide range of flexible and fast-paced accommodation and temporary care services across Australia...

Temporary care may be required for a variety of reasons, ranging from an unexpected illness or injury to the need for additional personal assistance. Individual and group housing options are available to meet the needs of those in need of short-term accomodation in an emergency.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Live independently in a Careable shared home while receiving assistance with daily tasks and learning new skills. Support is typically available around the clock, promoting personal growth in a safe and supportive environment with the goal of increasing your independence at home and connecting you to your local community.

Development of Life Skills

Existing skills are promoted by motivating employees who work with clients to create routines that allow their skill set to be used on a regular basis. New skills are taught to clients in order to accommodate their long-term goals and wants/needs.

For more info, please reach out the careable team at

Bundoora 3083, VIC (Head Office)
VIC 3083
Balwyn 3103, VIC
VIC 3103
Banyule 3084, VIC
VIC 3084
Beveridge 3753, VIC
VIC 3753
Box Hill 3128, VIC
Box Hill
VIC 3128
Camberwell 3124, VIC
VIC 3124
Craigieburn 3064, VIC
VIC 3064
Doncaster 3108, VIC
VIC 3108
Doncaster East 3109, VIC
Doncaster East
VIC 3109
Doncaster Heights 3109, VIC
Doncaster Heights
VIC 3109
Doreen 3754, VIC
VIC 3754
Epping 3076, VIC
VIC 3076
Glen Waverley 3150, VIC
Glen Waverley
VIC 3150
Heidelberg Heights 3081, VIC
Heidelberg Heights
VIC 3081
Kilmore 3764, VIC
VIC 3764
Lalor 3075, VIC
VIC 3075
Mill Park 3082, VIC
Mill Park
VIC 3082
Mount Waverley 3149, VIC
Mount Waverley
VIC 3149
Preston 3072, VIC
VIC 3072
Reservoir 3073, VIC
VIC 3073
Somerton 3062, VIC
VIC 3062
Thomastown 3074, VIC
VIC 3074
Wallan 3756, VIC
VIC 3756
Whittlesea 3757, VIC
VIC 3757

Age groups

Young people (18-21 years)
Adults (22-59 years)
Mature Age (60+ years)

Disability Specialties

We specialise in these disabilities:

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