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Cocoon Creative Arts Therapies


Various locations across VIC

What we do

Cocoon Creative Arts Therapies provides a safe space for inquiry. Your inquiry may be entirely your own, or it may be shared with others in a group or community. In arts inquiry, we bring our questions into the present moment and engage with arts modalities to explore them with curiosity and awareness.

​Cocoon Creative Arts Therapies draws upon a person-centred and phenomenological approach, where your therapist is a companion to your process, providing an accepting and compassionate presence as you navigate your path. Your companion may make reflections and offer invitations, but it is up to you to determine the path of exploration you follow. 

If you or your clients are experiencing:

  • difficulty with strong emotions and feelings
  • challenging life transitions
  • crisis of meaning or identity
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • loss & grief
  • stress or overwhelm
  • menstrual difficulties (PMS/PMT/PMDD/Endometriosis)...

Or, if you've been longing to explore or cultivate:

  • personal development
  • spirituality and soul-full living
  • creative expression
  • your identity as artist
  • life purpose and direction...

Cocoon Creative Arts Therapies offers a space of support for you.

Fitzroy North 3068, VIC (Head Office)

North Fitzroy Counseling Rooms
842 Nicholson Street
Fitzroy North
VIC 3068