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LGBTQIA+ Friendly
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Provider (CALD)
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What we do

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Hello and Welcome to Enhance Community Services!

Who We Are

We are a team of visionary and collaborative carers resolute on enhancing our clients' quality of life. We are committed to linking our clients to the larger community. We create an inclusive environment that focus on enhancing peoples lives whilst achieving their goals 

How We're Different

Enhance Community Services is community oriented, network driven with commitment to improve access and quality of life. We ensure that we make support for daily living accessible, creating an atmosphere for diversity and promoting opportunities without compromising dignity.​ We also ensure to uphold dignity and respect for all by promoting diversity, equal access, participation and collaboration.

What We Offer

Supported Independ Living (SIL)

We offer short-term, long-term, permanent and transition accommodations. Our SIL supports include but not limited to: ​

  • Moving in. 
  • Completing household chores.
  • Learning to live well with others or alone. 
  • Getting up and ready daily and eating healthy.  
  • Managing the responsibilities of living in your own home as independently as possible. 
  • Assisting with medication management and administration if required. 
  • Managing documentation if required. 
  • Paying bills and budgeting if required.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Learning skills or socialising. 

Respite Services

We provide a broad range of respite accommodations, care, and support services with a deep understanding of community needs. Enhance tailored respite provides unbeatable accommodations and care support services to meet your needs. We provide services to parents of children with high needs, seniors who need temporary care to recuperate or relax after hospital admission, people with disabilities requiring short-term or emergency/crisis accommodation and support, short term care to allow carers to rest or travel.  

Enhance Tailored Respite Offers:

  • Short and extendable stay
  • Emergency and crisis accommodation/support 
  • Recuperation and relaxation (with support) package
  • Therapeutic care/support holiday  
  • Transition accommodation  
  • Group disability or seniors short holiday accommodation (with care/support) package  

Community Support

We carefully design and provide personalised community access services for people of all ages living with disabilities to break the barriers of safe access and participation in their desired activities or adventures in their communities.

Enhance community access/participation services include but not limited to: ​

  • Care and support to access or participate in your community.  
  • Care and support to access social and sports activities or holidays.  
  • Support to attend recreational activities.  
  • Support to network and maintain relationships with family, friends and significant others. 
  • Support to pursue employment opportunities, education, training or build skills of interest.  
  • Support to access religious programs.
  • Support to access shops and restaurants.
Maitland 2320, NSW (Head Office)
NSW 2320
Aberglasslyn 2320, NSW
NSW 2320
Abermain 2326, NSW
NSW 2326
Adamstown 2289, NSW
NSW 2289
Anna Bay 2316, NSW
Anna Bay
NSW 2316
Appletree Flat 2330, NSW
Appletree Flat
NSW 2330
Arcadia Vale 2283, NSW
Arcadia Vale
NSW 2283
Argenton 2284, NSW
NSW 2284
Ashtonfield 2323, NSW
NSW 2323
Barnsley 2278, NSW
NSW 2278
Belford 2335, NSW
NSW 2335
Bennetts Green 2290, NSW
Bennetts Green
NSW 2290
Birmingham Gardens 2287, NSW
Birmingham Gardens
NSW 2287
Blacksmiths 2281, NSW
NSW 2281
Broadmeadow 2292, NSW
NSW 2292
Callaghan 2308, NSW
NSW 2308
Cameron Park 2285, NSW
Cameron Park
NSW 2285
Campvale 2318, NSW
NSW 2318
Carrington 2294, NSW
NSW 2294
Cessnock 2325, NSW
NSW 2325
Corlette 2315, NSW
NSW 2315
Dunolly 2330, NSW
NSW 2330
Fern Bay 2295, NSW
Fern Bay
NSW 2295
Georgetown 2298, NSW
NSW 2298
Greta 2334, NSW
NSW 2334
Hamilton 2303, NSW
NSW 2303
Islington 2296, NSW
NSW 2296
Jesmond 2299, NSW
NSW 2299
Kooragang 2304, NSW
NSW 2304
Kotara East 2305, NSW
Kotara East
NSW 2305
Kurri Kurri 2327, NSW
Kurri Kurri
NSW 2327
Lakelands 2282, NSW
NSW 2282
Lemon Tree Passage 2319, NSW
Lemon Tree Passage
NSW 2319
Mallabula 2319, NSW
NSW 2319
Maryville 2293, NSW
NSW 2293
Merewether 2291, NSW
NSW 2291
Morisset 2264, NSW
NSW 2264
Newcastle 2300, NSW
NSW 2300
Newcastle West 2302, NSW
Newcastle West
NSW 2302
Salamander Bay 2317, NSW
Salamander Bay
NSW 2317
Seahampton 2286, NSW
NSW 2286
Shortland 2307, NSW
NSW 2307
Tighes Hill 2297, NSW
Tighes Hill
NSW 2297
Twelve Mile Creek 2324, NSW
Twelve Mile Creek
NSW 2324
Valentine 2280, NSW
NSW 2280
Wangi Wangi 2267, NSW
Wangi Wangi
NSW 2267
Windale 2306, NSW
NSW 2306

Age groups

Children (7-17 years)
Young people (18-21 years)
Adults (22-59 years)

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