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About MyCareSpace

Our vision is to create:

Connections that change lives  

Information that empowers 

Supports that build independence

What is MyCareSpace?

Introducing MyCareSpace - a social enterprise supporting people living with a disability

MyCareSpace is a free community service that connects people living with a disability, their families and carers, with easy to read information about the NDIS and with the disability supports they need to live full and independent lives. 

We are a social enterprise whose mission is to ensure that every Australian living with a disability has access to the information and support they need to increase their independence and achieve their life goals. 

We offer a free community service that supports people living with a disability by:

  • Helping them understand their NDIS plans by answering their questions and providing easy to read resources and information about the NDIS.
  • Helping them find disability supports in their local area that meet their specific needs. People can access this service via phone 1300 2888 93 or via our website.

We build the capacity of participants and give them access to options that allow them to exercise choice and control.

We recently received a substantial NDIS Information Linkages and Capacity Building grant from the Dept of Social Services to extend our support for people with autism looking for social activities.

Our goal is to support 1 million people living with a disability and their families by 2025.

See what our community says about the support we provide:

Use our Concierge Service to find the supports you need

About the Company

MyCareSpace is a social enterprise which means that has a defined primary social purpose and is a commercially viable business existing to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners.

The dream of our CEO Nicole Gamerov, MyCareSpace supports people with a disability and their families, all around Australia.

Nicole experienced first hand the struggles her blind mum had with trying to find the services she needed, and this has driven her and the MyCareSpace team to constantly strive to create as many connections as possible every day.

The MyCareSpace Connections Team talks to people, helping answer their NDIS questions and offering a Concierge Service, taking the stress and hard work out of finding the services they need. 

Our online provider directory allows people to search for options in their local area. Our NDIS resources aim to answer the most common questions we receive every day like "what does that mean in my plan", "how do I activate my plan" or "what does it mean to self or plan manage?".

We are deeply passionate about what we do and as a social enterprise that is financially sustainable, we will able to constantly look for improved and innovative ways to serve the disability community. We are investing in technology, services, and people so that we can maintain a high-quality service that stands the test of time.

Meet the Partners

Nicole Gamerov (Founder and CEO)

Nicole lives in Sydney with her devoted husband and their 3 beautiful children and loves to keep fit and enjoys running and yoga and even a bit of surfing.

Nicole worked in finance for almost 20 years and had built up a successful career during which she established the Global Partnerships unit for a top international re-insurance company in Australia, New Zealand the Pacific Islands. In 2016, she decided to leave the corporate world to do something which would allow her to make a difference to people’s lives on a deeper and more personal level.

Nicole knows how challenging it can be to live with a disability as her mother went blind from macular degeneration. In her view, having a disability means that you are differently abled. Her mum is a true example of this, as her blindness does not prevent her from leading a full and active life and from travelling the world.

Nicole is passionate about inspiring people to reach their full potential. She wants to empower people so that they can enhance the quality of their own life. However, she came to realise that what was missing was an online platform which provided easily accessible, independently reviewed information and which would allow people to make important decisions about their health and lifestyle choices. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the need for such a platform is even greater which led to the creation of Mycarespace.

Nicole and her son at a Surfers Healing surfing event

Nicole and her son Sebastian (second from the left) at a recent Surfers Healing event on Bondi Beach with Izzy Paskowitz (second from right)

Bianca Shapiro (Partner and COO)

Bianca lives in Sydney with three energetic children and an even more energetic husband. She loves running, playing tennis and pilates. Having originally come from a Finance background, she joined a long time friend to start the hugely successfull Dynamic Web Training (DWT), a nationally located certified Adobe and Microsoft training centre. This was sold to Seek Online as their Seek Learning flagship business and it stands today. After that, it was all things websites and she has been developing all kinds of applications for all kinds of people since then 2005. 

After building the MyCareSpace online platform for Nicole, she decided to leave her web development business and join Nicole and MyCareSpace because she recognises the vision that Nicole has and can't wait to continue the journey alongside her.

Bianca Shapiro and her family standing under a tree in Africa


How MyCareSpace works


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