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How important are reviews on my MyCareSpace Listing?

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Adding Reviews to your Listing is Key

When making a decision, most of us look for what other people had to say. We will weigh this information in our decision making when making a choice. We may not base our decisions wholly on reviews, but they certainly will influence us when choosing between similar providers. So, this means the more reviews you have, the more confident they will feel in selecting your service.

When choosing an NDIS disability provider, participants and their families are influenced by what other people say about them!

5 star rating

How can you ask your customers to review your listing?

The most effective way to get reviews is to ask your customers (or their family/carers) directly by writing to them or by making sure that every time you communicate with them, there is an opportunity to ask them to review your services.

Here are some ideas as to how you might get reviews from your customers that can be added to your listing on MyCareSpace: 

  1. Send them a link to your listing on MyCareSpace where they can use the Review button to submit a review.
  2. Email your customers personally, asking them to write a quick review. 
  3. Add the review link to your newsletter - perhaps offer an incentive as well.
  4. Add a review link at the bottom of your emails (include in your signature).
  5. Share the review link on social media.

What do I say when asking them to review me?

You could use a message like this and provide a link to your listing: 

“Review us on MyCareSpace!” or "Thanks for that great feedback, would you mind writing us a review?" 

You can use our Quick Review Link: Review me on the MyCareSpace Platform

Hope this helps you get more reviews!

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