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Autism and the NDIS Webinar: Useful Links

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If you are starting out your journey on the NDIS Road and you have autism or are a carer of a child with autism, here are some very useful links to refer to prior to your First Plan meeting:


  1. NDIS Website: NDIS
  2. NSW NDIS Website: NDIS
  3. Early childhood approach: ECEI
  4. Early childhood intervention Pathway: ECEI Pathway 
  5. NDIS Interfaces with Mainstream: COAG
  6. What is Reasonable and necessary?
  7. ASD Evidence based informed good practice: NDIS Paper
  8. Nationally consistent diagnosis: Call for submissions
  9. Raising Children Netwwork: RCN
  10. Jack's story on Autismlaunchpad
  11. NDIS Internal Review: Decision
  12. Reviewable Decisions: Review of Decisions
  13. PEDICAT Assessment: PEDI
  14. WHODAS Assessment:WHO















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